Sock Joke - 8

Black And Red Sock Joke

A man met his friend in a shopping center. The friend had a look at his feet and asked, “Why are you wearing one red and one black sock”? The man paused for a moment then said, “I‘m not sure, but I have another pair like this at home.”

Sock Joke - 1

Joke About Socks

My friend kept going on about what they should do with their new spare drawer.
I told them to put a sock in it.

Sock Joke - 9

Drunk Sock Joke

A man gets up one morning to find his wife in the kitchen, cooking. He sees one of his socks in the frying pan. “What are you doing?” he asks. “I’m doing what you asked me to do last night when you came to bed drunk,” she replied. Puzzled, the man walks away thinking to himself, “I don’t remember asking her to cook my sock.

Sock Joke - 10

Adult Sock Joke

My wife keeps complaining that I wear socks when we have sex.
I suppose a condom would be better.

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