Funny Family Jokes-20

Funny Family Joke – 21

A fourth grade teacher asks the class, “Have any of you ever saved somebody’s life?” A little boy raises his hand, “Yes, my little nephew’s.” “Wow, what a little hero you are! How did you do that, sweetie?” asks the teacher. The little guy replies, “I hid my sister’s birth control pills!”

Funny Family Jokes-32

Funny Family Joke – 32

A little boy was so excited because his mom told him he is getting a baby brother.
He repeated that to his teacher every day, when he came to school, “I’m getting a brother.”
One day his mom allowed him to feel the baby’s kicks in her belly.
The next day he came to school and didn’t say anything to his teacher, so the teacher asked him, what happened to his brother?
He replied, “I think mommy ate him.”

Funny Doctor Jokes -16

Funny Doctor Joke – 12

Teacher – Get rid of your drink. No drinks in class.
Student – I got it from my doctor he told me to drink it
Teacher – Who’s your doctor?
Student – Dr. Pepper

Funny School Joke - 29

Funny School Joke – 29

Father: Son this time, you have to score 90% marks in your exams. Son: No father I’ll score 100% marks. Father: Why are you kidding? Son: Who started?

Funny Little Johnny Joke -9

Funny Little Johnny Joke -9

Teacher: “Johnny, write a sentence ending with the word hand.” Johnny: “My penis in your hand.” Teacher: “What?” Johnny: “Sorry teacher, I forgot to put a space between pen is.”

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