Load Shedding Joke - 4

Load Shedding Joke – 4

Two Afrikaners were having a conversation about their long day.
”I was stuck in the lift for 2 hours when the damn power went off during load shedding. The other one says” That’s nothing I was stuck on the escalator for 3 HOURS!!!

Load Shedding Joke - 6

Load Shedding Joke – 6

MOTHER: Son don’t forget to turn off the lights and T.V. before you go to bed.
SON: Don’t worry mom ESKOM will do it for me.
By the way, are you still making my tea for breakfast?

Load Shedding Joke - 2

Load Shedding Joke – 2

Eskom has good news and bad news, bad news is the shit is going to hit the fan!
Good news is the fan is off due to load shedding.

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