Kia Joke - 11

Kia Joke – 11

Guy walks into my parts store. Says “I need a gas cap for a Kia.”
I said, okay, sounds like a fair trade.

Kia Joke - 4

Kia Joke – 4

Q: What is the aim of a Kia project car?
A: An attempt to keep their car running.

Kia Joke - 6

Kia Joke – 6

According to a new poll 91 percent of people are satisfied with their lives.
The other 9 percent own a Kia.

Kia Joke - 1

Kia Joke – 1

Q: What’s the difference between a Kia and the principal’s office?
A: It’s less embarrassing if your friends see you leaving the principal’s office.

Kia Joke - 10

Kia Joke – 10

Q: What is the difference between a Kia and a shopping trolley?
A: A shopping trolley is much easier to push.

Kia Joke - 9

Kia Joke – 9

Q: Why are the latest Kias so aerodynamically designed?
A: It improves the Chevy tow truck’s fuel consumption.

Kia Joke - 2

Kia Joke – 2

Q: What do the new speed limit signs say on our suburban roads?
A: Max speed – 60 km/h – Kias do best you can.

Kia Joke - 8

Kia Joke – 8

Q: Why are Kia dealers giving away a dog with each Kia sold?
A: So the owner has a companion to walk home with.

Kia Joke - 13

Kia Joke – 13

Q: Why do they put sidewalks beside most streets and highways?
A: So Kia owners have a safe place to walk home.

Kia Joke - 7

Kia Joke – 7

A guy walks into a biker bar and demands to know “Who’s the strongest man in here?” A tough looking guy goes over to him and says “I am the strongest around here!” The other guy politely asks “Can you help me push my Kia to the gas station?”

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