eggs and ducks joke

Eggs and ducks joke

At a kid’s birthday party, the hired magician was producing egg after egg from a little boy’s ear. “There!” he said proudly. “I bet your Mum can’t produce eggs without hens, can she?” “Oh yes, she can,” said the boy. “She keeps ducks.”

Celebrity egg names

Celebrity egg names

Famous People With Egg in Their Names
Kim Kardeggian – she cracked the internet.
Lady EgGa – has beautiful plumage.
Arnold Schwarzenegger – the EggsTerminator.
Meg Ryan – actress and good egg.
Humpty Dumpty – he really was an egg!
Jack and Meg White – White Stripes.
Yolky Ono – artist.
Ellen DeGGeneres – funny egg.
The Eggles – rock out in Eggshell California
Eggy Pop – punk rock star with a lust for eggs.

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